Adding Value to Commercial Real Estate

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In almost all the regions, the value of the land that has the building will be somewhere between 30 to 70 percent of the total value of the commercial real estate property. Sometimes, you might land up confused as you might have come across similar properties, but one might have had a much higher value. Of course, the building and land value of the properties might differ, and this is because the difference in their total values.

On proper analysis, you will get to know that the commercial space with the higher value will have a hidden value. In all probabilities, this could be the size of the property, which will let you build an additional unit for your business operations. Obviously, the additional space will be more valuable as it can be used not only for building, but also as a parking space or for better privacy. There could be some landscaping done in the site or due its ingress.

Sometimes, you might find properties with a tennis court, swimming pool and other desirable amenities and features that can be converted into small income sources. Eventually, you can add a great value to your commercial real estate property by adding useful and profitable amenities and features that can make it more valuable. Also, the type of building is an added benefit and hence, these have to be noted before you buy or sell a property.